Little Green Men

NameLocated inLocated on
Flatwoods monsterWest Virginia, United States,September 12, 1952
Grey alien New Hampshire1961
Kelly–Hopkinsville encounterKelly, Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, United States. UFOlogists1955
Little green menKentucky1955
Nordic aliensScandinavians1950
ReptiliansAtlantis and LemuriaAugust 1929

Little Green Men is a unique type and the most well known of the extraterrestrials which is more or less similar to that humanoid-like creatures. These ones have the green skin and sometimes along with the antennae on their heads. On the other side of the flip, it is also used to describe the gremlins, where they well known for the creation of the problems in both of the airplanes including the mechanical devices. In the present era, they are mostly associated with the alleged alien species which are known to be the greys. The real fact is that in the year 1950, this gigantic one came into popular usage subjected to that of the aliens. It is said to be that they are typically used by the uninformed one; in the year 1951, a book was published known to be the “The Case of the Little Green Men” dictates about the private detective. Later on, the UFO sightings of the year 1957 initialized of the nationally publicized flurry. The little green men also are known to be “little green aliens: were used in the science fiction series and they are mainly sued to ridicule the notion along with fewer exceptions.