Flatwoods monster

The Flatwoods monster which is also known to be the Phantom of Flatwoods was reported in the year 1952. It is known to be the best artist’s impression of the Flatwoods monster and the other popular name is the Braxton County Monster. The local officials have initialized the home of the green monster which is a great sign on the concerned route. On the other side of the flip, it is the celebration of the legend; it includes a series of the taller chairs which are more than four in number in order to serve as the greater landmarks including attractions of the visitors. Here, there is a great museum which is dedicated to the monster legend and it also offers some of the promotional merchandise. The folks photograph the Free Braxie which is a major part of the ongoing promotion. An important fact is that the monster legend is celebrated each and every year along with the annual festival which is known to be the “Flatwoods Days”. This festival goes on for about three days along with the live music, food including the craft vendors. There is a great variation between that of the local culture and that of the in popular culture.