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This was the very first CONTACT web site to come on-line. In June there wasn't much here because we participated in a very small part of the shooting at George AFB. But now that the Official CONTACT website has made materials available to everyone, we have updated this site using some of their graphics and info. We hope you like what we have done, because we did it:

In Memory of Carl

The movie was released July 11, 1997

Contact Original Logo

The original CONTACT insignia during shooting. It might have looked a bit too much like NASA. When the movie came out it was not used in this form. Only the text remained.

Contact Logo animationSo we conjured up an animated version a while back...

Victorville 1

Setting up the Parallel Universe booth on the set in Victorville, Californina.

A special thanks to Karen McGauchey from Set Decoration at Warner Bros who found the Groom Lake Yacht Club on the Internet and liked our website and products. She called and ask us to be in a scene outside the SETE facility in NM. (which was actually filmed in Victorville, CA at George AFB) You can see our Groom Lake Yacht Club banner on the top of Parallel Universe booth if you look real hard during the scene when the preacher named Joseph (Jake Busey) is shown preaching at the gathering outside the SETI facitility to try to hear the message from Vega.

Victorville 2
The gathering at SETI (Victorville)

Victorville 3
More of the gathering at SETI (Victorville)

Victorville 4
More of the gathering at SETI (Victorville)

Please visit our UPDATED CONTACT SITE which uses the Official Warner Bros. Contact Website Materials release Version 1.0

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